Pageant Season

Congratulations to the Miss Connecticut USA, who was just crowded Miss USA last night.  Our New England girls have been doing quite well recently, with Miss Rhode Island USA, Olivia Culpo, being named Miss USA and then Miss Universe just last year.  I myself am a pageant girl without a crown yet, and so I was inspired to write this poem, as well as to look up pageants to compete in this summer!  I can’t wait to get back on stage!

Flashbulbs burst, splashing the stage in lights
The crowd claps when each name is announced
Look to the left, then the right
Surrounded by girls more beautiful than the next.

The top three announced, the winner among us
The crown could be mine!
But quickly that ends, my name is announced first
I’m second runner up once more.

I walk the stage again, my evening gown swishing
Those hot lights once again lighting my way
This time, I intend to win
Maybe, just maybe, it’ll happen this time.



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