The Chase

The chase.  Getting that one person to notice you before you commit to a relationship.  How many people can honestly say they hate it, especially if a victory follows?  But what about those people who end up “winning,” but throw it away?  Someone I hold very close to my heart is that way (he even did this with me).  Here’s a poem for him and all the other heartbreakers.


You’re all about the chase
Wanting what you can’t have
Working hard to get it.

I really should have known
You’re that type after all
Wanting to take people on dates, getting numbers

Girls honestly would throw themselves at you
I bet you’d barely notice though
You want the girl that’s hardest to get.

Once you get her, though, it’s over
None of that relationship crap
You say it’s because you’ve been hurt
But what about the hearts you break?


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