The War In My Head

This is an ongoing battle and I believe I have finally decided on what to do.  In 12 days, I will pack my bags and venturing across the US to essentially start over.  I’ll need to come back home for the summer, but return again in August.  I’m beyond excited, but scared out of my mind at the same time.  Here’s to the unknown!


Take a risk
Make the leap
Go to the unknown
Follow my heart

Stay in the known
Bask in the safety
Take the path more certain
Listen to the voices

Venture where I know love is
Both in person and in nature
Remain alone
Walk to streets I’ve lived all my life

Go to him, he’s all you want
Go to that place of majestic beauty
Go where you have never been happier
Go the uncertain route

Don’t leave here- there’s so much here
Don’t leave for love or adventure
Don’t leave because it’s a mistake
Don’t leave in case it all fails

Pack a bag
Board a plane
Fly across the country
Settle into a new life
That’s what I have decided upon



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