Day 18: Same First and Last Word

The same first and last word prompt today definitely made me change some sentence structures in order to accomplish that.  This is definitely a poem about a motto I live by, which plays a relatively large part in all my writing, especially in the last year or so.  Overall, I can’t say this is my strongest example of writing, but it does show my outlook on life.  It does have a bit of a sad tone/ connotation with it, but overall, I’d say it’s certainly a hopeful idea or way of living.

Reason- everything happens because of it
Just like the rain falling or the sun shining
There is no use trying to fight it
It’s just the way it is

There is a painful reminder
Of why you’re no longer by my side
Ultimately, it’s for the best
But it still hurts all the same

My best friend, I’m not sure if you knew that
We were inseparable; that was certain
Until you ventured across the country
And now I see you every once in a while

I met you by chance on a whim to travel
Since that day, I haven’t stopped talking with you
All I want is to have you with me
But 2,000 miles separate us

I fell in love with the mountains
The rugged purple and orange rocks
That expanse of magnificent blue sky
The ground covered in powder soft snow at the time

I don’t know where I’m going in this life
Or where my next adventure will take me
But I do know one thing is always certain
The result of everything has a reason.


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