This is not a post about poetry, but rather to express my feelings about the bombs in Boston.  The poem I posted yesterday seems so eery after what happened today, and that freaks me out a little. The poem I wrote was in response to a bomb threat near my hometown back in 2010, and today’s bombing is actually only about an hour or so away from me.  I have friends who attend school there, know people who work there, and have personally walked those streets.  It’s such a horrible feeling when you realize the victims could be someone you personally know (it’s horrible even when it’s not someone you know).

I encourage everyone to keep a close eye on the news.  We will be learning more information with each passing hour.  Some of this will be helpful to us in the future.  We will learn from this so it’s harder to have happen again.  I hope there is a day these events no longer happen.  I for one am saddened to see these events are becoming almost common place, as I’m sure the majority of our population is as well. One day, there won’t be a constant threat.  Maybe not in my lifetime, but I hope for future generations this is the case.


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