Day 14: Superhero/ Villain Voice

Once again, I may have cheated writing today.  The prompt was to write with a different voice, especially a superhero/ villain.  Back in 2010, I wrote this poem after a potential bombing and I felt it fit the prompt perfectly.  I’m in from a LONG weekend at work, so my brain didn’t feel like being creative tonight, unfortunately.  Hope you enjoy this one though!


Why is the world filled with sick people
Who feel the need to hurt others
Is it a crime for people to get along
Does it matter that everyone’s different

The world would be pretty damn boring if we were all bankers
Pretty scandalous if we were all politicians
Sick if we were all murderers
But better off if we were all Gandhi

Just for one day, could the world be peaceful
No fights, wars, or potential bombings
Where innocent lives weren’t lost and families didn’t grieve

That world doesn’t exist because we, as humans, make it so
So why don’t WE change, for the sake of others
And by doing this, we can save ourselves from our own demise 


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