Day 7: Declarative Question

I’ll be upfront about this one.  I didn’t fully understand the prompt, which was to write a poem with all declarative statements and end with a rhetorical question.  So, I just winged it and hoped for the best.  In the spirit of being honest, I’m actually terrible when it comes to sentence types, so that was part of my problem.  The rhetorical ending doesn’t seem too rhetorical either.  Regardless, I have a poem about the night sky, with lots of statements and ending in a question.  We’ll just call this a half success then.

Night sky, high above
A dark blanket enveloping the world
Covered in white, shining spots. 

Far overhead, swirls and loops hang suspended in air
Moving further away or maybe closer to us
Suns blare and planets spin
Black holes suck everything in
And stars die in explosions 

All of this is unseen by the naked eye
Just twinkling lights are visible
All of these phenomena happen overhead
Yet I can’t see a single one

 There is a chance someone else has the same thoughts
On a far away world in a distant galaxy
I have to wonder what they think about when they see the stars overhead
Creating pictures in the skies 

I’m curious as to what they think and what they ponder
There’s no way we’re alone
I always have the same questions:
“Who are you, what is your story, and when will we meet?”


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