Day 6: Valediction

Maybe this is cheating a little.  This is a throwback poem that I wrote back in January, but it just seemed perfect for this prompt.  Since writing it, the sadness in it has lessened.  Ultimately, I was afraid my best friend would forget me, but we still talk all the time.  It is a good bye in the sense of seeing him all the time, but I’ll be seeing him sooner than later, which softens the blow certainly.  Anyway, this one is extremely personal, so I’m a little worried about sharing it, but here goes nothing!

Your Departure 

A strange calm fills my body
It hasn’t sunk in that you’ve left me
Traveled half way across the country
Currently two hours behind, just starting your night as I’m ending mine 

I never thought this day would come
Where just a memory of your warm skin is all I have
This day where you’d be unpacking in a new apartment
Complaining to me the whole time about no lights

January 4, 2013 always loomed in the future
Never too close, but too close for comfort
Our time was always limited, but now it’s nearly done
There was always a countdown in both our heads

God, this sucks
It’s beginning to hit me now
A tightness in my chest and watering eyes mark the beginning
Then the breaking breathes and incoherent thoughts

I know you had to leave, but I’m hurting
All I want is you happy, but in the process it breaks my heart
I’m not sure how I’ll make it until I see you again…
And here comes the uncontrollable sadness


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