Day 4: Iain M. Banks Titles

The idea of basing an entire poem off a spaceship name from author Iain M. Banks struck me as odd.  In fact, it even puzzled me to begin with.  I started with a different topic than the one below, but couldn’t find the words I wanted.  I decided to change the topic and loosely wrote a poem with a Banks title, which seems to have worked a bit better.  Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be able to write something without too much of a struggle!

Unfortunate Conflict of Interest

To stay here where I’ve always been
Where’s it’s safe and known
Fifteen minutes from home
Able to keep the same jobs I had in high school
Walk the streets that are so familiar? 

Or to leave for some place new
Packing my bags and taking a plane
A different time zone
Being unknown to almost everyone
Creating myself over again? 

Do I want the pale blue skies
Or the deep royal ones?
White mountain peaks all around in winter
Or the groupings of mixed trees?
The feeling of being tiny in the eyes of nature
Or just being another number in the suburbs? 

This decision keeps me up at night
It makes me question what I want
What will I miss if I leave?
What will I never know if I stay? 

Everything I do is for my future
Which makes this choice so much harder
Do I want to risk everything for three years of an unknown
Would it be better to stay put in a place I don’t want to do? 

Those royal blue skies call
So do those white-capped peaks
As does the cold Atlantic Ocean
And the white birch woods 

I don’t know what to choice
Not really sure I ever will though
Maybe one day, though, it’ll be clear
Then I can pick 


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