Day 12- Prose

I told you it would be a short disappearance!  Today’s prompt was an interesting one.  We were to write a piece of prose, then cut out certain words (the, a, that, etc) before adding line breaks.  I definitely went a little happy with deleting the above words, but I was curious what it would do to the piece.  In some spots, it worked really well.  In others, not so much…

Roar, hiss immediately hits my ears
As I step from car.
Expanse of lapis in front
Undulates with each heartbeat in my chest.
I can feel tugging and spiraling,
Sucking at my toes
Before I’m even near.
Surface resembles mirror,
Blasting sunlight onto diamond like sand.
If you look closely,
You can see shattered glass, shell pieces
Mingling together form soft layer underfoot.
Gulls screech overhead,
But more in playful tone.
For once it doesn’t seem
Over crab or bag of popcorn
Long abandoned by some tourist.
Even thousands of miles away,
I can feel it all in my chest,
Picture it perfectly in my mind.
Ocean isn’t something simply there,
It becomes part of you.
It is you.

It becomes part of you.

It is you.

NaPoWriMo Update

I know I missed a poem yesterday, and not going to lie, I’m skipping today.  Life has gotten a little insane (3 jobs, full time student nearing finals, a pageant title, and who knows what else), so I’m taking a brief break from NaPoWriMo.  I was really hoping to complete all the prompts this year, but I don’t have the time, I’m too scatter brained to be creative, or I just want to sleep… usually it’s a combo of all three.  Keep checking back, as this will hopefully be a minor blip on the writing radar!

Day 9…

Today’s prompt was to write a visual poem, meaning the words formed a picture.  I didn’t feel like being overly creative, as I was barely in the same place for more than an hour today, but I have another poem and announcement.  I am once again being published in Images, Fort Lewis College’s literary magazine, so I will share that poem with you instead!


Letters fit on a page
Snuggly nestled together
Forming sentences and thoughts
These things called words have no weight
Little to no monetary value
And yet we value them above all else
Over gold, silver, coal, oil
We value them without understanding
That they are simply lines scribbled together
With a meaning we attached to them
One that can be changed at any time
These words cause us to fight and die
To live, breathe, and fall in love
They have nothing to return to us
Yet they will never leave
Never walk out the door
Or change their mind
What is written, what is said
Will forever have been written or said
Unable to be undone except with more words
It is a never-ending cycle
A cycle we created for ourselves
One we both love and hate
But will never change
We need these words now and forever
As we need to communicate
And we need to record our histories
Our hopes and dreams and personal beliefs
We need these words to understand
To try to make a difference
We need them to survive in the madness of our world
So they will never leave
They will forever be at our fingertips
Or the tips of our tongues
They will never die off
Like many other things
They will always be here
At the will of the user
Snuggly nestled together
Just waiting to be deciphered

Day 8- Palinode

A palinode is a poem where you retract a statement made in an earlier poem.  There are many things I would LOVE to unsay to people, but I decided to once again turn the topic to my ex.  It still hurts knowing I “wasn’t good enough for him” in his eyes.  So I decided to retract all the times I thought I loved him because I have learned that although I might have in some form, it wasn’t in the pure form I’ve always wanted (and now have).

Why did I ever think
There was a chance you could love me?
You never proved you could
A few sweet words here
Something nice done there
But nothing ever substantial.

Why did I think
You could ever care as much?
I should have known there were others
Ones to replace me while I was gone.

Why did I think
I could let myself love you?
I never should have unguarded my heart

Day 7- Money

I nearly forgot to post this guy, but I didn’t!  Woohoo!  That’s actually super impressive and should be celebrated since I’m so stressed and forgetting everything.

In the past, I’ve written poems about money and the woes of it, but I took a bit of a different spin with today’s prompt.  I still wrote about not having enough money, bunt this time I focused on what the money was spent on.  This is also a sneak peek for people to see what I spend my money on…

Three hundred here for new textbooks
Another five hundred for plane tickets
Nine hundred and fifty for some sparkle
Nearly seven hundred for snow sliding
Looking at twelve hundred for a new room
Throw nearly a hundred for utilities
Ten for Internet
Forty or so for gas
Twenty for donation
Thirty-five for groceries
More, more, more
It never stops
Then nearly a grand back
Only to be spent five times over

Day 6- Aubade

I forgot to post two poems yesterday!!  Guess that means I just have to catch up today!

Yesterday, we had to write an aubade, which is a poem usually about morning (particularly a lover’s farewell).  I decided to write about the sadness of waking up and leaving my bed, since that has been the general theme of the past few mornings!

It’s much to early
The sun peeking through the crack
Where the curtains don’t quite meet.

Why would I want to wake up now
When I could sleep
For another three hours?

Do I really have to start today
When the sun is just barely up?
Oh, sweet bed, how I’ll miss you

Day 5- Dickinson

I’m a day late with this one, but I wasn’t even close to a computer for about 99% of the day (no joke).  Instead, I figured I’d just post two poems today!  Here’s the first one, and today’s poem will be posted sometime tonight

The prompt for yesterday was to reconstruct/ rewrite an Emily Dickinson poem.  To be completely honest, I am not completely sure what this poem is about, so I decided to add in some adjectives and change a few words.  It’s the effort that counts, right?

On this long storm
the rainbow rose bright
on this golden late morn
the sun, the clouds
like listless grey elephants
horizons straggled down
the birds rose singing
all while smiling in their nests
the gales indeed were done
alas how heedless were the eyes
on whom the summer shone
the quiet, inevitable nonchalance of death
no daybreak can bestir
the slow archangel’s spoken words
must awaken her.