April 14- Dialogue

I already know this piece will anger people, but guess what, I really don’t care.  I wrote this in response to the Caitlyn Jenner “controversy” (which it’s NOT!).  She is a woman, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.  It took her immense courage to tell the world who she truly was.  She will now receive death threats, be called names, and be hurt by ignorant people.  I was raised Catholic, and guess what, I was taught to “love thy neighbor.”  I don’t remember there being an asterisk next to that, denoting an exception to the rule.  If the Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and it is the word of God… doesn’t that mean God loves all his children, no matter what?

How can you be so ignorant?
How can you be so ignorant?
To deny a person basic rights?

To have someone change themselves?
They have a mind, a heart, a soul

They are denying a gift from God
They feel the same, the hurt the same

They are disgracing Him
How can you tell me they disgrace God?

The Bible says they are
And we are to listen to everything from thousands of years ago?

It’s God’s word
Is your God all loving?

He is and He forgives
Even the murderers, the sinners, the thievess?

Even the murderers, the sinner, and the thieves
Then tell me, why would He hate them?

DISCLAIMER:  I will likely never get this religious again.  I hate discussing it, as people try to tell you your beliefs are wrong.  My feeling is, believe what you want and I will believe what I want.  It doesn’t matter if it’s God, a god, Allah, etc.


After a headache inducing past few days, this poem needed to happen.  The original intent was to try to use the same prefixes or suffixes in two lines, but that only lasted for the first two lines.  After that, emotions began to take hold and whatever popped into my head was put onto paper.

Always wrong
Never right
Pretend to listen
Don’t hear words
So important
Not at all
Think you’re great
You actually suck


As always, midnight/ early morning inspiration has made my dreams evade me yet again.  However, this sleep depriving moment did lead me to write a love poem without sounding like a complete mush fest (maybe it does still sound that way, but I’m going with it doesn’t).  As many of you know, I can barely write about love and happiness because it sounds corny, but I’m actually really excited about this one.  Hopefully, it’s the beginning of a new source of inspiration I’ve been avoiding.

Everyone else saw it
But we didn’t.
I can’t figure out if we were
Or both.
I just thank God we figured it out.

It was always meant to be
You and me
It was simply a matter of time.
At some point it would happen
We just didn’t know when.

Just like that,
Months have gone by
All in the blink of an eye.
It feels like yesterday
I still get that giddy rush
Every time I call you mine
And I catch your eye
Looking at me in amazement at times.

So how did we never see it
All the times we were together
Before this began?
I guess I no longer care
All I know is
I only want now.

April 13- Sylvia Plath

Riddle poems can be extremely fun to write, or they can be terribly frustrating.  Today, it came easy, as I was feeling a bit philosophical.  With that in mind, though, I was afraid I would give the answer away the whole time!  Read the poem, see if you can guess what I’m talking about, and then you can peek at the answer.  Or you can just look at the answer, but that’s way less fun.

I am the ultimate mystery
No one will ever figure me out
How can they, when I am not a solid thing?
How can they, when I am illusive to many?
Few fully grasp me
Those who do are content, happy, fulfilled
And those who don’t will never understand the others.
I’m here, then gone, all in the blink of an eye
You never know when I will disappear
But have no fear, although I can be scary.
I am the reason you are here
Without me, you would not exist.

Answer: Life

April 11- Sapphics

Sappho, an ancient writer, was one of the first female writers known in history (she was not the first though).  She wrote in a very distinct style; four lines over varying feet and syllables.  I personally cannot write in such a confining form right now, so I chose to write a poem about the images we have of Sappho using the same number of syllables her writing was known for.

Those knowing eyes looking out at the viewer
The curve of lips around a pen deep in thought
The plaster cracking around your face from time
Words from you, even now

April 10- Abecedarian

An abecedarian is a poem involving all the letters of the alphabet.  I decided to try going from A- Z at the beginning of each line, which posed to be a challenge when I hit K, X, Q, and Z.  I’m not sure how much sense some of these lines make, but I tried and I did complete each line!

A poem
Begins with words
Constructed from letters
Derived from a language
Engaging audiences
Fascinating their minds
Generating thought
Helping to shape minds
In order to create individuals
Just as debates do
Keywords stick out
Linger in the mind
Mingling with each other
Narrating a tale
Of different times or characters
Places made up or real
Quickly enter the mind
Relive a memory
Start a new one
Tell a new tale
Unspoken meanings may exist
Varied points of view tooWith these poems
Xysts in the mind are formed
Yet we never realize it
Zeds are the only time when we do