This poem is about a dream I had last night, which I woke up from in a state of panic.  I don’t know why my ex keeps reappearing in my dreams- every time I see him, I would love nothing more than to punch him in the face.  So here’s a poem that skims that emotion or feeling I have.

I kissed you
Our lips locking late at night
Not a passionate thing
Not a relapse into old habits
Just a quick kiss before leaving

I can see your eyes
Outlined in the darkness
I can imagine the glint in them
The up to no good kind
I should have kissed you
With my fist
When I had the chance

Black Widow

Here’s another poem about my ex, as more and more information comes out.  I’m almost 95% sure he lied to me about other girls while I was gone, which makes the five months with him absolutely nothing.  I’ve been sitting on this poem idea for about a month now, and finally figured out how to do it in such a way that it alludes to the deadly black widow, which I thought was perfect for my state of mind.  Sure, I can’t say I care too much at this point, as I’m in a very happy, committed relationship of two months, but that feeling I have about this situation is still fresh in my mind.

The more I hear, the angrier I get
Realizing you lied
Omitted information I needed to know
Just so you could run around
Get other girls on a whims notice
Then call me and say you miss me

The more you speak, the less I listen
Your voice turns into a buzz
It drones on and on
Only with a reaction once in a while
Mostly when you spew something you shouldn’t

You can’t see the mark on me
The one you left after five months
Red and ugly, hourglass shaped
The mark signaling a fatal bite
You’ll only notice when it’s too late


I hate writing this piece right now for two reasons. The first is it was ten times better in the shower than it is now. The second is it’s about a stupid fight with my boyfriend, which is tearing me apart inside. I know as soon as I post this, we’ll be over it and fine, but right now, it sure doesn’t feel that way.

The distance between us feel like leagues
Your back is turned from me
I don’t know why, but I turn away too
I guess I fear the worst
I always do.

You finally ask if I’m awake
But I feel no better after talking
You pull me in close, but not like normal
There’s still space between
I can’t make it to away.

I’m jumpy and rigid
Unable to sleep for awhile
I try not to let the tears escape my eyes
My chest feels tinny, my heart acting strange
I’m terrified more than you know.


This past Saturday, I saw my ex for the first time in weeks.  I used to see him almost every other day, and then nothing, so I was quite concerned about him.  I decided to write this poem about what I witnessed that night, and all I could feel for him was pity.  There was nothing else there- no lingering emotions (which I thank my current boyfriend for), no wishing or longing, absolutely nothing other than pity and concern.  It’s sad to see him to do this to himself, and even sadder that he knows he’s doing it to himself. All I hope for is that someday, he finds what he’s looking for/ needs.


I see you standing there
Beer in your right hand
Flask in your left
Looking forlorn at what was ahead
Even though it was simply a hockey game

We talk because I need to see how you are
You disappeared for weeks
I began to worry more than I should
After all, I once loved you
And still feel something for you
I guess I just care

But all I can feel is pity
Watching you drown yourself
That amber liquid making you fuzzing
Changing you into something you’re not
Except you’ve made that you
No one knows any different

I want to scream at you
Tell you to stop destroying yourself
That our past is in the past
All I want is for you to be happy
It makes me cry inside to see you do this
To watch you destroy what I see


It humors me how people think I will never find things out, even when it’s well after the fact.  I just found out my ex, when we were possibly still together, was trying to get other girls.  I’m not saying I’d be angry about it now, since we’ve been done for a month and since I’ve moved on, but it fired me up knowing he had the audacity to try something like that before we were.  Anyway, I wish this piece came out better, as I got the inspiration from “Crazy” by Patsy Cline (beautiful old country song, if you don’t know it).  I think part of the issue is I have other ideas floating in my head, and they’re all starting to mush together.  We’ll see though!

I know you think I’m crazy
Simply because I cared
Because I spoke my mind
Because I’d fallen for you

But you’re the crazy one
Thinking I would never know
About the other girls eventually
You were such a fool.

For all I know, we were done by then
But something tells me no
A sneaking suspicion tells me it was when I was gone
But I won’t let it rule my thoughts

Not anymore, at least
I’ve moved past your games
Maybe you’ll find someone else
And she’ll drive you insane in

Should’ve Been

As always in my life, a month has made things completely different.  I am no longer seeing the guy I was most recently with, and who I wrote about for the three months I was back home.  This poem is about the process in deciding to end that relationship, which was terribly difficult.  I had fallen in love with him, and a part of me will always love him, no matter what.  However, it was no longer possible to be with him- we were picking at each other, which would have led to fighting, and when we weren’t doing that, we weren’t speaking.  I miss what I had with him originally, as I truly feel like he cared, and I would like to think he still does, as I still care about him, but I have no idea what he thinks.

The time for us had passed
It was time to move on
But I found myself stuck
Unable to let you go
Even though it needed to be done

You never realized I had fallen in love
Or maybe you knew all along
Hence why you left when you did.
I would like to think you had no idea
Oblivious to what was in front of you
But somehow, I find that impossible

Saying I was leaving was the easy part
Doing it was a hundred times harder
I found I couldn’t form the words
Wasn’t willing to utter them
But I needed to, before I lost everything
And I still remember it.

I don’t regret what I decided
Leaving you should have happened sooner
But when push came to shove
It was next to impossible.
I felt my heart break right then
Thinking of what could have been, should have been
But never was and never will be.


It has suddenly dawned on me that I haven’t posted in exactly a month, which is pretty upsetting, considering I have a ton of material I could have written about.  However, that is not to say I still won’t be using it, but I have to focus on school/ work more often than not.

On a different note, Happy 86th Birthday to my Grandpa.  He won’t see this post simply because he’s not the most tech savvy gentleman out there, but I can at least pretend he will!