Day 17: Senses

We were advised to write a poem using three of the five senses today, but I couldn’t stop after three.  I decided I needed to write about my ocean, which I am beginning to miss like crazy.  It’s getting warm here in Colorado, and all I want to do is walk the beach, the ocean filling my entire body in ways only nature can do.  It doesn’t help when I listen to beach-y music (Summer Vibe by Walk Off the Earth is currently my song of choice).  I will be reunited with my ocean soon, and I honestly can’t wait.

The tangy air fills my nose
Some days it makes your eyes water
Others, like now, it’s gentle
Like a butterfly caress.

Blue and white blend together
Forming a continuous pattern
Rolling in from far away
Never ceasing or slowing

The air clings to my skin
Damp, clammy, and cooling
It eases the burn from the sun
Almost numbing the sting

The gulls over head call to each other
Especially while being chased by children
The roaring thuds never cease
A constant heartbeat

The salt clings to the roof of your mouth
The green and red vegetation too
It’s a flavor that will vanish hours from now
Bu the memories won’t fade with it

Day 16: Lies

A prompt dedicated to ten lies… boy oh boy, was this a poem I could easily write.  Or so I thought.  I decided to write down as many of the lies I have been told over the years by any boy I have ever been with, but I actually struggled.  A few things I thought of still seemed true to me, so I didn’t use them because I wanted them to be lies.  The last line, though, is fairly painful to write and see in words.  Maybe they didn’t lie when they told me they loved me, or were falling for me, or were having feelings they couldn’t explain and were afraid of, but if you truly love someone, you don’t repeatedly hurt them until they can’t take it anymore.

I’m a different person with you
We should drop out and move to the country
I promise it’ll be different this time
We’ll stay friends
I believe you
It’s about time you start staying here more
I’ve never felt this way before
You’re absolutely perfect
You can trust me
I think I love you

One Year- Boston Strong

I decided to opt out of NaPoWriMo today as it is the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  It’s shocking in some ways that it has already been that long, and yet, it feels like a life time ago.

I personally will always remember the news stations being flooded with updates on the manhunt, the city lockdown, and the eventual capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  I will always remember worrying about my loved ones in the city, knowing there was nothing I could do but wait.  But most of all, I will remember how a city banded together under such tragedy to form a single community.  We are Boston Strong, after all.


Day 14: Twenty Questions

Have you ever played that little hand held game, 20 Questions?  Well, today’s prompt was a version of said game.  The poem written was to contain all questions except for the last line.  I had thought about making this poem a guessing poem, but then got a bit philosophical in regards to falling in love.  I have loved and been loved, fallen out of love, stopped believing in it, swearing it off, then falling back into it.  I figured this poem was a great way to put all those questions about it to paper and really think about it.  I can’t say this has solved the unanswered questions regarding love, as more appear in my mind each day, but it’s a start

How do we know when we fall in love?
When we have found ‘The One’?
Or when we haven’t?

How do we know this is it?
That this love will never die?
Or if it will?

How do we return to it?
Again and again, knowing it might hurt?
Or maybe this time’ll be different?

How do we make ourselves look like fools?
And accept it as OK?
Or not?

How do we feel such compassion for another?
That we will do whatever it takes?
Or walk away when the going gets tough?

How do we know?
Why do we do it?
Or is it all an illusion?

What is love?
It’s the thing that keeps the world going.

Day 13: Kenning

A kenning is a poetic device used typically in Norse poetry.  Two nouns are often linked together to signify a the third noun.  An example given by the NaPoWriMo was whale road for ocean or sea.  I struggled a little bit with my own kennings, but I think they ended up working out.

The sky tears fall
Softly brushing my skin
Cooling it down slowly
After the battle it lost with the sun

The air whisper fills my ears
Quietly singing its tune
A melodic sound
Lingering behind after it’s gone

The cloud blanket above
Darkens the world
Casting a protective cover
Before the blue returns the next day

Day 12: Replacement

I unfortunately was not around my computer yesterday and therefore missed the prompt.  However,  I would have had trouble writing a love and wine poem and can’t say I’m too upset about missing it.

Today, a replacement poem was requested and I tried to deliver.  I am beyond exhausted from my camping adventures yesterday and essentially just arranged some sentences together.  I looked up sentences about sunflowers and replaced that word with joy when it came to actually “writing” this piece.  No, there is no deep meaning here.  I’m WAY too tired to try doing that.

Joy is an annual plant native to the Americas.
To grow best, joy needs full sun.
A common misconception is that flowering joy heads track the Sun across the sky.
Joy was worshipped by the Incas because it was viewed it as a symbol for the Sun.
Most joy is remarkably tough and easy to grow as long as the soil is not waterlogged.
The vibrant, strong joy is a recognized worldwide for its beauty.

Day 10: Advertising

I had trouble trying to figure out an advertisement I could write in a poem.  Then I realized I could tweak the prompt just a bit and make it more of a public service announcement so I didn’t come across as being sponsored or endorsed (which I’m not.  I write to write).  I ended up with two things being the focus of my poem- voting and education.  It kills me that people refuse to pay taxes for education because education is NOT free.  When you vote no on education, you are denying a child their potential future, and I for one think that is a crime.  This issue is very near to my heart as my home town has decided it’s more important to be greedy and save money than to help our future.  So here’s my response to such events.  Now get out and support education.

Pick up paper, pencils and pens
To make the writing happen
Open books and flip through pages
That way reading begins
Use fingers and toes
Providing a counting visual
Unroll a map and spin a globe
It’s possible to travel the world.

Money is needed for learning to happen
It’s not free of charge
You were fortunate to be given education
So why would you deny it to others?

You don’t have to pull out checkbooks
Or drop change into plastic jars
It’s much more simply than that
All it takes is a filled in bubble
Which happens behind closed doors
In order to help a child learn.