Day 23: Homophonic Translation

This is always a fun way to write a poem.  What you do is you chose a poem written in another language (I chose French because my French is very limited) and write a poem using the words’ look-a- likes.  For example, toujours reminded me of the word tours, so I used tours.  These poems rarely, if ever, make any sense, and mine certainly does not.  However, it’s a great way to get the creativity flowing and to potentially create new lines or phrases for later use.  The poem I used is called Hölderlin à la tour, and I’m including the link so you can check it out yourself (an English translation of the original is also provided).

The ostrich intermittent
A champ touring the face
The moat voltage, reviewed
The torches, tend the main
And the pose denouncement
The ones coat of autos
Is decent and choses three simples
Come music
Lou is calm
Ombre of Louis surprised
The journeys so long
Come debut of the life

A particular moment is extreme simplicity and fault plus expectancy 

Day 22: Kids

I wasn’t feeling poetry very much yesterday, so I skipped writing until today.  The prompt was to write a poem for kids, rhyming optional.  I am horrible with kids (I also really don’t like them), so I decided to do a very simple, rhyming poem.  Kids like rhymes, right?

There once was a cat
Who became very flat
Just like a mat
That was wearing a hat

Now there was also a dog
Who was friends with a hog
In a nearby bog
That was always filled with fog

Lastly, there was a fish
Who had a single wish
To get out of his small dish
In order to make a bigger tail swish

Day 20: Family Voice

I may have tweaked this prompt of writing from a family’s voice just a little.  I decided to write it from the point of view of my cat, who is always stealing food from the table.  Sometimes, we only know because food is missing, and other times we actually watch her try to steal it.  It can be quite humorous, especially when she gets really creative, but it’s not so funny when she licks all the peanut butter off a PB&J that you turned your back on for a minute and were hoping to pack for lunch.

Look at the table
So nicely cleaned off
I sit on a chair
And contemplate what to eat
There’s turkey slices and bread
Pickles, mayo, potato chips
Cookies, and soda bottles
My eyes feast upon the food
Set so perfectly in front of me
I reach out a hand
Poke the turkey to see if anyone will notice
Before snatching a piece and running
Because now they’ve seen me.

Day 19: Seashells

Some seashells have very strange, unique names.  The NaPoWriMo prompt for today was to use the seashell names given in a list either in a poem or to help inspire a poem.  I did both with the name Unequal Bittersweet.  They are beautiful orange shells with white lines, but I didn’t realize that when I started writing this.  That may have changed what I wrote about.  Instead, I’m focusing on my old relationship and how I view it now.  I still adore this kid as a person and friend, but not in a relationship.

Unequal, bittersweet
That’s how I see our past
I always loved you more
And those memories are now bittersweet

You would take me out
Show me off
Then disappear from view
Almost like you were ashamed

You would call me love
Like you really felt t in your heart
Only call another girl that
Because your family’s in England

You made me feel like I was special
As you should
But then tear me down, maybe unknowingly
So now I’m bitter towards us 

Day 18: Ruba’i

I nearly forgot to write a ruba’i (Persian poem using four lines per stanza and an AABA rhyme scheme) today, so I whipped this one together.  It’s not the deepest or best due to the short timeframe I wrote it in, but I wanted to focus on the natural world again.  I have a fascination with astronomy, and the sun and moon seemed like great subjects.  The moon especially seemed appealing as I chased the Blood Moon eclipse into the mountains Monday night and was entranced by the red of it. These things are truly stunning, so here’s a poem to that beauty.

Look outside and see the sun
The blazing rays shoot out like a gun
Warm the faces of those below
Who our out and about having fun

Now look above and see the moon
The one some people find filled with gloom
But really, t’s full of happiness
As its light can light up a room


Day 17: Senses

We were advised to write a poem using three of the five senses today, but I couldn’t stop after three.  I decided I needed to write about my ocean, which I am beginning to miss like crazy.  It’s getting warm here in Colorado, and all I want to do is walk the beach, the ocean filling my entire body in ways only nature can do.  It doesn’t help when I listen to beach-y music (Summer Vibe by Walk Off the Earth is currently my song of choice).  I will be reunited with my ocean soon, and I honestly can’t wait.

The tangy air fills my nose
Some days it makes your eyes water
Others, like now, it’s gentle
Like a butterfly caress.

Blue and white blend together
Forming a continuous pattern
Rolling in from far away
Never ceasing or slowing

The air clings to my skin
Damp, clammy, and cooling
It eases the burn from the sun
Almost numbing the sting

The gulls over head call to each other
Especially while being chased by children
The roaring thuds never cease
A constant heartbeat

The salt clings to the roof of your mouth
The green and red vegetation too
It’s a flavor that will vanish hours from now
Bu the memories won’t fade with it

Day 16: Lies

A prompt dedicated to ten lies… boy oh boy, was this a poem I could easily write.  Or so I thought.  I decided to write down as many of the lies I have been told over the years by any boy I have ever been with, but I actually struggled.  A few things I thought of still seemed true to me, so I didn’t use them because I wanted them to be lies.  The last line, though, is fairly painful to write and see in words.  Maybe they didn’t lie when they told me they loved me, or were falling for me, or were having feelings they couldn’t explain and were afraid of, but if you truly love someone, you don’t repeatedly hurt them until they can’t take it anymore.

I’m a different person with you
We should drop out and move to the country
I promise it’ll be different this time
We’ll stay friends
I believe you
It’s about time you start staying here more
I’ve never felt this way before
You’re absolutely perfect
You can trust me
I think I love you